Imperial Venus Clam, Chione latilirata

Imperial Venus Clam, Chione latilirata

Imperial Venus Clam, Bivalve and Scientific Classification Chione latilirata (Conrad). Photos, general information on habitat and range..

imperial venus Chione latilirata (Conrad)
Description: (1 ½ inches) Rounded, triangular and well-inflated shell. Large, heavy concentric ridges rounded and often sharply shelved at the top. Ridges fragile on dry specimens. Bottom edge of ridges not serrated. Bottom edge of shell finely grooved. Cardinal and lateral teeth on hinge. Lunule and pallial sinus.
Color: Tan exterior with lavender blotches and radial stripes.
Habitat: Lives offshore, south of Cape Hatteras, in 60 to 120 foot depths. Occasionally found on ocean beaches.
Range: North Carolina to Brazil.
Notes: This species was frequently found among catches of the Atlantic calico scallop fishery.
Source: NC Sea Grant
Seashells of North Carolina Field Guide


Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I'm working on your shells emails today. I can't find anything else really interesting about the Imperial Venus -- but I think they are very neat looking shells! I have never found one of those on NC shores, or anywhere! Looks like you have lots of them.

I'll enjoy reading your aquaculture blog. Good to hear from you!


NC Sea Grant

High Resolution
2816 x 2212
1104 kilobyte

High Resolution
2816 x 2212
1134 kilobyte

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